Your feet are the foundation for your activities of daily living, your movement and mobility.  Pedicures can help to keep your feet healthy.  Regular foot care maintenance is an important part of healthy ageing and your feet will be happy. 

We are experienced in providing Pedicures for diabetics and the elderly as well as everyone in between.  We autoclave our tools which is a hospital grade steralization for your safety. 

Trust your feet to a Master Pedicurist, they will thank you.

  • Teen Pedicure- 30 min (without polish)       $ 55
  • Wellness Pedicures-approximately 60 min  $ 75+
  • Deluxe Pedicure- approximately 90 min      $110+


A Few Recommendations from A Master Pedicurist.

  • If your feet hurt pay attention to them, they are telling you something important.  See your health care provider and find out the cause of your pain and begin treatment.
  • Choose and wear shoes that provide proper support, comfort and protection.  Foot wear can lose it's support and contribute to foot problems.
  • Foot exercises are important to keeping your feet flexible and healthy.  Also, healthy and flexible feet may help to reduce injuries during a slip, twist or miss-step.
  • If you have foot or toenail fungus seek treatment as it can spread and get worse if ignored.  Over the counter can/may often be effective but must be used consistently to see results.  Ask your Doctor about a perscription
  • Wash and dry your feet regularly and check for sores.  
  • Clean and disinfect shower stalls to reduce the spread of fungus and bacteria.
  • Alternate your shoes or boots.  It's good for your feet to switch between foot-wear because there will be a slightly different wear patterns and gives your foot-wear a chance to air-out and dry-out.
  • Keep your nails trimmed as too long nails can cause bruising and hurt.
  • Be wary of Pedicurists that use razor-like devices and avoid doing your own agressive trimming and callus treatments as potential resulting foot or feet infections can become serious and debilitating.  Regular TLC should be a preferred approach.
  • Don't go barefoot especially if your diabetic.  Protection can prevent, torn nails, broken toes, and injuries.  For those with foot neuropathy (loss of feeling) protection is especially important.