By using the Observ® diagnostic imaging device we are able to visualize your skins condition including the underlying "invisible" layers, skin structures and patterns.  The technology behind the Observ® is based on the illumination and fluorescence of different kinds of lights on facial skin.

Skin Analysis - Anchorage, AK
Skin Analysis Anchorage, AK
Beauty Care Service Anchorage, AK
Skin Care Anchorage, AK

Advanced Skin Analysis offers each client a comprehensive review of their individual skin. In addition to the Observ equipment we also obtain analytical readings using the SD 202 which measures your skin's hydration, pigmentation, oil and erythema (redness) levels and a review of lifestyle factors lead us to an accurate determination of skin type, skin condition and a treatment plan. This skin care plan then can be implemented at our Salon and spa.

  • Advanced Skin Analysis -        $ 95
  • Advanced Skin Analysis                             With 1/2 an hour Treatment - $125

This video is an example of the Observ® Skin Diagnostic Machine and some of the photo's it takes.